Because my ankle hurts I'm just going to spend all day knitting in an axolotl onesy thanks

Man if only there were some kind of popular song about people overreacting to balloons and interpreting them as military action in need of response. Maybe in german

Some signs I probably shouldn't knit while stoned (a bunch of stitches knit instead of purled, and some ugly holes) (it actually isn't really noticable from afar so I'm just going to keep going)

Health, -, a series of unfortunate events 

I woke up this morning with a tendonitis flare-up in my ankle, my partner's partner is sick with a nasty cold, my partner is taking care of their mom who just had back surgery, and this morning a friend fell in my backyard and probably broke her ankle (and SHE'S been supporting her mom post-knee replacement)

I'm glad we've got a good and large community of support that can rally around all of us, but sheesh

begging both academics and journalists to take a single second before publishing anything and think, hey, are the people paying me for this fucking monsters??? is this going to be used as a club to beat the shit out of people?

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"An error has occurred, please call our support line at xxx-xxx-xxxx and reference error code yyyyy"

thanks, but i'd rather just not use this critical service until the heat death of the universe

Trans shitpost 

I'm not a "woman trapped in a man's body," the man's body is trapped in here with me


I was going to meet my partner's Mom tonight, but she had to cancel. Oh well, I'm still cute

The Essentials: Atlanta Trans Resource Guide just dropped today!

This guide is an ATL-specific guide for Trans folks to get access to community support, medical, housing, legal aid, and mental health resources.

You can download it here:

Connect on Instagram:

This guide is created by SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW and SPARK LITE (Leading Initiatives in Trans Equity)

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW is an Atlanta, Georgia-based reproductive justice organization that serves as an entry point and leadership pipeline for new social justice leaders, and a political home for Black women and young people, centering Black queer women, trans folx and folx living outside the gender binary. [I'm in a fb group with one of the members and asked permission to share here, I won't appropriate anyone's tags but please feel free to tag in comments or copy/paste and share, whatever is appropriate]

#Trans #Transgender #Atlanta #Transhealthcare #QueerSouth

One of my ongoing concerns is that I don't look queer enough in public most of the time. Which is probably unfounded given that I have 2 partners and a bunch of friends who know how gay I am. But at the same time, no harm in taking it even further, you know?

I am 30 or 40 years old and at this point the only thing keeping my intestines functional is a daily probiotic and an unconscionable amount of magnesium

“To a homophobe, even the most chaste kiss on the cheek between gay people is exactly as disgusting and degenerate as a hardcore BDSM orgy hosted in the town square, so you may as well ally with the BDSM orgy enthusiasts to throw bricks at the cops who are going try and arrest all of you together anyway.”

#pride #KinkAtPride #kink #lgbtq #trans

Today in "weaponizing being perceived as a woman in the workplace": found a subtype of tech dude who absolutely will not accept help from a woman, even if being told exactly how to do a thing would be a fairly easy act on my part. So now I get to just sit back and watch him flounder until he figures it out on his own 🤗

I think a lot about how the combination of queer people finding each other without realizing it, and the deep internalized transphobia we're all taught from birth combine into a horrible soup that causes us to do a lot of harm to each other, both before we're out to ourselves, and usually for a long time after.

looking up in my email the item i purchased so i can find out something about it, rather than walking across the room and just grabbing the item

Very excited that I have a new preprint out today on how zoologists need to rethink how we conceptualize "sex"- not as a single fixed variable, but as a set of overlapping, not necessarily linked, and often multimodal phenotypes.

"This button gets people killed"
Sticker seen on a police emergency button in NYC


And most of us aren't exclusively victims in this. An abusive ex of mine was wrestling with their own transness during a time I had resigned myself to always feeling, at absolute best, completely ambivalent about my body. We had a lot of conversations about how we felt about our flesh forms, and both of us were assuming I was cis; they were caused a lot of pain and confusion in their own coming out journey because of errors in those assumptions, and our own internalized transphobia.

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